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Maligai Script
Maligai Script
Maligai Swash 1
Maligai Swash 1
Maligai Swash 2
Maligai Swash 2
Maligai Swash 3
Maligai Swash 3

Maligai – Romantic and Sweet Calligraphy

Maligai is a very elegant modern font with a mix of beginning & ending, ascender, and descender style. This beautiful script is for those who are needing of elegance and stylish for their designs. Looks very awesome for wedding, feminine branding, social media, card, logos, web, branding and so on.

  • Maligai Script – includes a full set of Uppercase and Lowercase letters, Numerals, and Punctuation. Also, it contains ligatures, stylistic alternates, and a lot of Swashes lowercase beginning and ending characters.
  • Maligai Script Swash 1 – This is a Maligai version of the script to access ascender (B, D, H, K, L) and descender (G, J, Y, Z) styles for lowercase letters,
  • Maligai Script Swash 2,3 – Simply type the uppercase letter for ‘beginning swash’ and type in lowercase for ‘ending swash’ (if you are unable to access them with OpenType software).

Files Includes :

  • Maligai.otf
  • Maligai.ttf
  • Maligai Swashes 1,2,3.otf
  • Maligai Swashes 1,2,3.ttf

Sinfonietta Features :

  • Basic Latin A-Z and a-z
  • Numbers and punctuation
  • Ligatures
  • Alternates
  • Swashes
  • PUA Encode
  • Multilingual

Happy Creating!

*Please read the FAQ page before making a purchase.

Maligai Font

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